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Research topics
We have established a system to supervise a wide range of research topics, in response to the diversity of students' current occupations and their future opportunities after graduation.

Examples of research topics

  1. Educational design analysis of e-learning materials for working people and proposal design guide lines.
  2. Design and development of materials to train practitioners based on the goal-based scenario theory.
  3. Educational design analysis of e-learning materials for information technology and the creation of improved material samples.
  4. Design and development of practical educational materials based on the elaboration theory.
  5. Design and development of e-learning materials to facilitate problem-solving skills at work.
  6. Development and operation evaluation of the support system for e-learning innovators.
  7. Application and evaluation of e-learning at corporate universities.
  8. Design and development of a support system for learning honorific expressions based on hierarchical analysis.
  9. Development of an abstract learning drill shell using the dimension-drawn method and the sub-drill structure.
  10. Study on effective learning visualization for learners.
  11. Development and study of an authoring tool to support the creation of simulation materials.
  12. Study on an individual portal for learners.
  13. Development and study of a supporting tool to create curriculums in terms of a competency list.
  14. Study on LMS evaluation system.
  15. Development of a functional expansion module in the open source LMS.
  16. Development of a course information management system that collaborates with the open source LMS.
  17. Psychological real-time estimation of learners and audio feedbacks.
  18. Study on formulation of a multimedia human interface for e-learning.
  19. Study on usability in e-learning materials.
  20. Study on international comparison of e-learning policies.
  21. Study on e-learning and globalization (borderless world).
  22. Study on a new form of knowledge/learning cased by e-learning and the assurance of its quality.
  23. Study on e-learning policies at universities.
  24. International protection system of network copyright and its application to the education area.
  25. Study on international licensing business of educational copyrighted work.
  26. Factual copyright infringement suits on network and the application to the education area.
  27. International protection system of computer software and its application to the education area.
  28. Design and development of foreign language educational materials based on Problem-Based Learning (PBL).
  29. Foreign language learning and educational support using e-portfolio.
  30. Empirical research on foreign language educational materials based on linguistics and the language acquisition theory.
  31. Application of language processing technology into e-learning.

(The above listed topics are some examples. Normally, a topic will be determined based on discussion between students and supervisors.)

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