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Education Innovator Development Program in the IT Era

Introduction of the 'story-centered curriculum' through joint development by global industry and academia
Outline Implementation plan Achievement Professors
Curriculum reform is undertaken to advance instructional system courses with the systematic education curriculum based on human resource development. The development of higher practical abilities and theoretical knowledge becomes a foundation.
Specifically, while learning from the story-centered curriculum used at Carnegie Mellon University in the United States, as the first attempt in Japan, scenarios (e.g., a part of company group training is replaced by e-learning) of practical application common to multiple subjects are assumed. By connecting these scenarios with multiple subjects learned simultaneously, an integrated education curriculum is introduced.
Education contents must be coordinated among a multiple number of subjects, but it has already been verified that it will become an education curriculum directly linked with practical themes for students, and this can be one direction to give substance to graduate school education.
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