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Education Innovator Development Program in the IT Era

Development of 'integrated study of learning and work' with collaboration between higher education and corporate in-house education
Outline Implementation plan Achievement Professors
The Graduate School of Social and Cultural Sciences Instructional Systems is a rare graduate school in Japan for education and research on corporate in-house education. Individuals involved in corporate in-house education account the majority of its students (followed by individuals involved in higher education), and the school offers education to meet their needs.
Based on educational achievements and cooperation with the companies where these people work, instruction models are developed and introduced, and instructional system courses are organically linked with actual business activities and OJT as individuals responsible for education and training at their workplace or client's company.
When developing a model, advanced overseas examples and domestic examples are carefully surveyed to fully utilize existing knowledge. In addition, knowledge derived from education related to instructional systems is added to create an advanced education model.
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