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Graduate School of Instructional Systems | Concept

'Four Is' with ID at the center 'Competencies' achieved by completing the course 'e-LP certificates' obtainable 'Internet-based graduate school' accessible nationwide

'Four Is' with ID at the center
Instructional Systems is an educational research field in which researchers treat educational activities, courses and materials as systems to which they take scientific and industrial approaches. To become e-learning specialists, students systematically learn Instructional Systems featuring the following four fields.
Instructional Design

Instructional design is a methodology for improving the effect, efficiency and attractiveness of education.

Information Technology

Information technology is essential for e-learning.

Instructional Management

Instructional management is the management of educational activities, educational businesses and development projects.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property, including copyright, is important in developing and distributing educational courses.

IMAGE('Four Is' with ID at the center)
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